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Merry Christmas Karla

Hopefully when you’re parched and need something tasty to drink this helps you hit the spot. I want to give you a big juicy hug and kiss.

Love Scott

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Merry Christmas Mom

Mom, I hope you enjoy this book. I read it this summer when looking for a good fun world to dive into. I think you’ll like some of the strong female characters and appreciate a very unique approach to story telling.

Oh Dad, if you’re reading this – you’ve chosen incorrectly. Try again.


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Merry Christmas Dad!

I loved this book, I finished it only a few days ago. This was my rowing book – the audible version at least. James Reece is a Dirk Pitt like character that I think you’ll really like. Oh and Mom, if you’re reading this, you’ve chosen poorly. Try again.

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Merry Christmas Karly

Karly we the kitties: Max, Ni Ni, and Freyja did the work for this. Boy was lazy and just laid on couch. We insisted though and wanted you to have something to open on Christmas Morning. We Love You! You tell us we are pretty and never say mean things to us.

Love you Baby!

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