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Adventures in Linux Ubuntu 10.10

I recently decided to get back into working with Linux.  My previous experience was running Redhat 6.2 and then 7.0 to support an Oracle 8/9 Server.   My first instinct was to install CentOS on my spare laptop – No VM for me! Well I did get CentOS 5x installed and configured with wireless it was an extreme fight.  I decided on a whim to dump the install and go with Ubuntu mainly because that’s what Rob Conery was using on his Tekpub videos.   I was astonished that installing ubuntu was a 1000x easier than was Centos.  I also loved the install process for the Server version and plan to work more with the Ubuntu Cloud offering soon.

The biggest and most exciting thing for me was that the ubuntu install instantly picked up the wireless card in my laptop.  This was huge as it took hours for me to get Centos to pick it up and had to go through many hoops and a lot more googling than I would have expected.  Now this isn’t hugely unexpected as CENTOS is meant to be an enterprise os and not a desktop operating system.  Mostly this was #ScottFail for not using the right tool for the job from the start.  That being said, I can’t state how awesomely pain free the process was.  I’m an ubuntu convert and for me that’s saying a lot.  I have a habit of sticking with one brand, what can I say? Marketing folks must love me.



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