Welcome to the personal blog of Scott Sargent.  All posts here are my one opinions and not my employer’s.  Who Am I?

I’m a Software Developer living and working in upstate NY.  I’m also a guitar player – a learning guitar player, not yet a musician.  I’m an author, I’ve completed my first full length fiction manuscript – but its not very good, so I’ll keep at it.  I love building software in all its forms, from C/C++ to Ruby to .NET and everything in between.  I’m also huge into music, movies and good things in general so you’ll see a lot of posts about any number of categories.

When I first setup this site I created in advance all the categories I would ever need.  In my next two posts I created more categories I had not yet thought of.  Shows what I know.

You can find me on twitter @sgtcodeboy.

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