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Woot First Post!

This is the first post of my new blog! Woo Hoo! I definitely hope that there will be more blogging than I’ve done in the past.  I mean what would be the point of getting a shiny new domain name if there would be no blogging?  Well the questions for philosophy majors aside we are here now, and its time to blog.

Much of this will eventually find its way to the about me page.  Maybe.  Actually no it likely will not so its probably best to pay attention here.  Where else can you get this particular brand of nonsense?

What’s up with this blog?  Well Its a place I’ll talk about code.  Whether that’s code for computers via languages: C/C++, Python, Lua, Ruby, C#, Javascript, or Technologies such as DirectX,, Rails.  I love being a computer programmer, code amazes – the amazing creations that can come out of a simple text file, which then convert to a series of 1s and 0s is amazing.

There’s More than Code however

What I love about the code extends beyond the code itself.  I love the creativity.  My creativity flows into other interests like Cooking, Music and Video Games.  Games are code but they’re art too.  Games are just as important to our society as a great painting or story is.

That brings me to the most recent of my passions, writing.  I love writing and why I’ve not been a good blogger before now is perhaps something of a mystery.  Although this is quite a bit more public, open and without-a-net than most of my writing has been.  That’s probably a good thing though.  At least thats what I’m telling myself.  Writing for me is more of an activity than it is an art form.  I believe strongly in what Stephen King said in his book On Writing that good fiction writing must be done from the seat of your pants.   Many people will disagree and I even know some that write a more planned out story and that’s awesome that it works for them, this is what works for me.  That’s part of my secret I think, what works for me.  I don’t write to sell the next best seller, or to amaze my friends and family.  I write to find out what will happen next.

Put a character in place, give them a challenge, set the atmosphere and you’ve created a whole world.  How can you not see what happens by continuing to write.

MythicalCode – my New Blog – Will likely stay with me for a very long time.  The format or incarnation of this blog however will change dramatically.  I decided to get started with, Many thanks for the very reasonable rates!  But the blog itself and its content are likely to move around a bit and eventually to a server of my own perhaps!

As if they’d let me have a server on the intertubes all to myself.


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