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Dying days of winter


I’m sitting here at the lake looking out the window at the fresh snow, nearly two feet of it – and the Yankee game is on the tv.   It’s the dying days of winter, the time when the snow cold and ice can no longer hold their grip.  The time when warm days wrestle with cold for control of the climate.  Cold cannot win, winter is too long in the tooth, its numbered days are down to a precious few.

I always dread this part of the year, when spring has yet to rise and the winter is fading fast.   Something about the cold always held an allure for me.  We’re headed quickly into the time of heat and humidity.  Not my favorite time of year.

But before it goes one last sunny winter picture.



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Snow on the Lake

Snow Day on Lake George

Snow Day on Lake George

This morning I woke up to a fresh snowfall here at the Lake.  You can just barely make out the mountains in the distance.  The specs on the ice in the distance are ice fishermen, the open water is where people have bubblers up to protect their docks from the ice.  I thought it looked pretty cool – and in this case literally.

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