Nix is Whispering

Here’s another sample of my writing.  Similar disclaimer, this was written while trying to go through the exercises from 3AM Epiphany and while trying to develop an evil character.  This is a work of fiction, this character is not nice.

3AM Epiphany – Challenge 2 – Write a fragment of a story that is made up entirely of imperative commands, e.g. “Do this; do that; contemplate the rear end of the woman who is walking out of your life.” This exercise will be a sort of second-person narration.

Wordcount: 500 (+/- 10%)

You’re getting very sleepy.  Very tired, just lay down on the bed now and rest your head.  That’s right just close your eyes now.  Shh baby don’t fret, don’t stir.  Sleep little one, rest your eyes and drink deeply of your dreams.  That’s right, perfect sleep soundly.  Now listen, but remain asleep little one.

There’s nothing to worry about.  Let your fears fall beside you.  There’s no need for your guard to be up, you’re safely asleep in your bed what could hurt you here.  Just relax and sleep deeply my darling one.  That’s a good boy.

You must sleep, you must rest, you have a big game coming up tomorrow.  It’s the championship game for you and your team, you’ve worked hard for it and must be ready.

But are you really ready?  Do you think you’re really strong enough and quick enough for this game?  Think of all the times you’ve thrown the ball only to see it intercepted by the other team.  Quite a few times if you think about it, think about it now – so many interceptions.  Or maybe think about the times you have fumbled and the other team has gotten the ball, how many games you have been responsible for the team losing.  Quite a few, if you think about it.

Think about the other team.  They have been so dominant in their wins, and your team has been well, less so.  You barely made it to this game in fact.  Do you really think you can defeat them?  Think about whether your team is infact strong enough and good enough to win the game tomorrow.  Maybe they are, maybe they are not.  But are you strong enough to be the deciding factor?  You wouldn’t want to cause your team to lose the game would you?

How could you live with that, how would it feel to know that you were the reason that all your teammates were disappointed and forever known as losers?  You couldn’t live with that could you?  Try to think about it, try to imagine in your dream what it would be like.  There are so many of your teammates that have promising futures ahead of them – if they win this game.  Is that something you could deal with, is that something you could hold in your conscience?

Tell the coach you cannot play.  Tell the coach that your arm hurts or that you feel sick.  You can tell him anything but you can’t play you can’t be the reason your team fails.  Do not be the one who steals your teammate’s futures from them.  You don’t want to be that, the source of their future struggles and failures.  You can’t play.  There is no way you can win if you play.  Tell the coach that, tell the coach to pull you from the game.  You’re not ready.

Now Wake Up!  Wake up this moment.  Its important for you to awaken, wasn’t there something you were going to do?  Don’t you have someone you must call?  Tell that person what you believe, tell them what you now understand.


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