Yesterday amidst a sea of tears and in front of a hot grill I finished reading Fearless – http://fearlessnavyseal.com   I was delaying my grilling responsibilities for the evening to cram in the last few pages.  I love reading and recently I’ve been on a biography kick, I read Howard Wasdin’s biography a year or so ago, and Chris Kyle’s biography just this weekend.  All of these books, have been biographies of Navy Seals, and when on friday I saw a book titled “Fearless” the story of Seal Team Six member advertised on Amazon, I gave it a look and ended up buying it.

This book I knew would be different, the others were written by the SEALs themselves, sometimes with co-authors.  This book, Adam Brown’s story was written after he was killed in action.  I knew it would be sad, I knew it would be touching.  Even though I was armed with that knowledge, I wasn’t prepared for this book. I’ll challenge anyone to read the first two pages, and put the book down from there.  I couldn’t and I don’t think you’ll be able to either.

Put quite simply, I’ve never read anything that had that big an impact on me before.  I found myself in awe and inspired by Adam Brown in many parts of the book, and in full tears in many other parts.  The story is so unbelievable that it couldn’t be fiction.  The old adage or saying, that the Truth is Stranger than fiction is very true for this story.   I won’t give away details, and please if you have read this book do not post spoilers in the comments.   I would be lying if I said after reading this book I wouldn’t look at life at least a little differently.

It is a book about the military, it is a book about a warrior.  Most of all though its a book about humanity, the struggles and obstacles that Adam had to overcome.  Definitely read this book.

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